When people ask me “What is Five Star Family Care about?”, I say that’s easy. It’s about you! Five Star Family Care was created to offer patients a first-class medical care experience when they need it. We understand that patients have busy schedules. When you are sick now, you should not have to wait for days or weeks for an appointment. Five Star Family Care provides affordable medical care. More convenient care does not need to be more expensive care. You should not have to pay the higher rates charged by Urgent Care Centers or the ERs. Five Star Family Care provides comprehensive primary care services for all ages. Our center is unique from a typical doctor’s office where you have to make an appointment to be seen.

At Five Star Family Care, you can walk in and be seen at any time for anything, even if you are not our patient. If you are not our patient, we will send a copy of your visit to your doctor. While we do recommend that our patients that have chronic medical issues schedule their appointments, if an acute issue arises, there is no need to call. Just walk in when you need us. We are open seven days a week with evening hours. Unlike other practices that may have evening hours a day or two a week, we have evening hours everyday, including holidays.

Our family looks forward to caring for your family in our Lancaster office.

John Radford M.D.
Founder Five Star Family Care and Five Star Urgent Care